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Managed Networks - SuperWAN

Not all business branches or user groups have the same network performance requirements, and it can be costly to over-engineer a network with a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We design ICT solutions guided by the business outcomes our clients want to achieve.

Our experienced pre-sales architects know the critical questions to ask so that your network is designed to perform optimally, and respond to the evolving needs of your business.

When you plug into our digital services gateway, you will have access to a range of software-defined managed network services, delivered across various connectivity mediums, along with a wide range of cloud, security and ITaaS offerings. We call this our SuperWAN.

Our hybrid and flexible approach enables each site to be configured with the right amount of bandwidth and appropriate types of connectivity, as well as the size and number of devices, required to deliver the appropriate service level.

Managed Network Services

Managed Networks - Monitoring

To get the best possible network performance, it is vital to have insight into the way that data moves around your network environment. Our resource-light network monitoring system (NMS) tracks, monitors and analyses the flow of data, alerting you to any changes in network behaviour and allowing you to optimise performance.

What happens when things go wrong?

Countries across the African continent struggle with unreliable and inconsistent power supply, which has a huge impact on network availability and therefore on performance and productivity. While most businesses have some form of UPS or generator for backup power, it is critical for the service provider as well as the client to know when a site goes down, but most critically, why. Proactive monitoring is vital so that when a site becomes unavailable, alerts are triggered that can isolate the problem and enable targeted trouble-shooting and remediation activity to take place.

Solution – the Sentinel

Linked to our NMS, the Sentinel is a unique device that measures inbound power to network equipment connected to our digital services gateway. The Sentinel enables us to offer up to 100% site availability service levels with our differentiated SuperWAN site design options.

If the Sentinel picks up that a site is down due to a power outage, an automatic alert will be sent to the NMS that the site is down, and by correlating this to the network down event, the appropriate corrective action can be taken to restore services.

Real value – automated service credits

If the site unavailability is not related to a power outage and the SLA for a site has been breached, a credit note will be automatically generated, based on the penalty percentage calculated for each site as part of the contracted network SLA. With a fully automated credit note process and system generated management reports, Service Managers and Finance resources have more time in their day to focus on proactive planning and value-adding interactions with clients.

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Managed Network Monitoring
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